February 1, 2019

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Yamaha Music School Remains Open


Yamaha Piano Centre is proud to provide group lessons for children ages 2-9 through its Yamaha Music School.

The Tunes for Two Course for 2-year-olds uses a variety of fun exercises all with the verbal, social, and physical development of a 2-year-old in mind. We use song singing, fingerplay, and exploration of the keyboard, as well as high/low and loud/soft concepts. Movement to music is also integrated in this course. This course is newly designed to prelude the Music Wonderland course. 

New 2 year olds
  •  Saturdays at 9:30am

Music Wonderland is for ages 3 & 4 children and is a new program designed to prepare children for the Junior Music Course. In this class we are developing listening and rhythm skills through the keyboard, song singing, and music appreciation. We also use materials that are visually stimulating to compliment their growing curiosity.

New 3 & 4 year olds
  •  Thursdays at 10:00am
  •  Saturdays at 10:15am 
Junior Music Course is a unique 4 year course for children starting at ages 4 & 5. This program is designed to give your child the best beginning possible for the development of basic music skills. The concept of this program is to Hear, Sing, Play, & Read. Emphasis is placed on ear training and developing musicianship. A variety of activities, including singing words and solfege, keyboard playing, ensembles and keyboard games are all part of the course. We are excited that this year there is also a large focus on parental interaction with your child in the new course material this year.

New 4 & 5 year olds - Junior Music Course I
  •  Thursdays at 5:30pm
  •  Saturdays at 11:00pm

The Young Musicians Course is for children beginning at ages 6 - 9. This course focuses on developing musical skills through a variety of activities. They are taught how to play and enjoy a wide variety of music styles. This involves ear training, singing, solo repertoire, ensemble playing, keyboard harmony, arranging, and music theory. These are designed to compliment the development of the basic skills they are learning in school.

New 6 & 7 year olds - Young Musicians Course I
  •  Tuesdays at 6:30pm
  •  Saturdays at 1:30pm

We encourage all our students to have some type of keyboard instrument. Having the means to practice the concepts being taught in the classroom will only further their development. As they continue their music and the concepts broaden, they will naturally require a piano. The professionals in the Yamaha Piano Centre can help you in selecting the appropriate instrument for you and your child.

New students, please call Elodie Innes at 306.373.9074 and Jeanine Douville 306.361.3559
Returning students please contact Elodie for class times.

Elodie Innes, Instructor

Elodie InnesElodie Innes has been a teacher with the Yamaha Piano Centre's Little People children's lessons since 1991. She has specialized in teaching preschoolers for 25 years, and has been a qualified Yamaha teacher in all children's levels for 15 years. She studied with the Royal Conservatory beginning at the age of four, under the instruction of well known teachers including Boyd McDonald and Murray Adaskin. She has four children of her own and also loves spending time with her ten grandchildren. Elodie loves sharing the joy of music with young children and their families as it enriches her life as well.


We have beginner group lessons for adults and seniors.

We offer sets of ten one-hour lessons and the fee is $130 + $45 for course materials, including taxes. Your course materials are good for three sets of 10 lessons as you decide to continue.

Groups meet at Yamaha Piano Centre, 1011 Broadway Avenue:

Sessions for New Classes will be offered beginning SEPTEMBER 25th, 2018 with two course times to choose from:

Tuesdays at 10:30 am

Tuesdays at 6:30 pm

To pre-register, please contact the store directly at 306.665.0213
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Piano Tuning & Service
For piano tuning and other technical services contact:
Shaun Everett
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