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Roger Jolly

Roger JollyRoger Jolly brings over 35 years of knowledge to his craft. In his time in the industry he has been involved in most areas of the piano business including salesman, piano technician, rebuilder, and designer. Mr. Jolly is retained as a technical design consultant for the Samick Music Corporation, the world's largest piano manufacturer. He is currently upgrading the Design and Manufacturing process of the Knabe Grand pianos. He is also the contract rebuilder/technician for the Music Department of the University of Saskatchewan.

As an international clinician, he has been the keynote speaker at major conventions in Canada, the United States, New Zealand, Norway, Australia, Czech Republic, Korea, and Italy. A member of the Master Piano Technicians of America, the

Piano Technicians Guild, and the Canadian Association of Piano Technicians.

Mr. Jolly actively publishes, lectures, and provides master classes to technicians and music educators. Mr. Jolly is the recipient of the prestigious Jack Greenfield Award for Research and Writing. (Piano Technicians Guild 2001) and the Outstanding Achievement Award (Canadian Association of Piano Technicians 2000).

Marie Jolly

Marie JollyMarie Jolly owns the Yamaha Piano Centre with her husband Roger and has been enjoyed providing Saskatchewan with knowledge and expertise since May 1980. Marie has an extensive musical background with her Associate in Piano and Voice. Over the years Marie has been very involved in the music community. Everything from being a musical director to being involved with the Saskatoon Opera Association. Marie also oversees and teaches our Yamaha Play For Fun Adult & Senior Lessons.

Marie brings over 30 years of experience in piano retailing to the table. Her vast knowledge allows her to identify and cater to the needs of each and every customer. You will also still see Marie throughout the province at small town homeshows and fairs, being a small town girl herself she still believes in that personal touch.

Shaun Everett

Shaun EverettShaun Everett has been with the Yamaha Piano Centre since June 1995 and has apprenticed under Mr. Jolly in all aspects of piano technology. Shaun has completed his Grade 8 Royal Conservatory in piano. He is a highly respected technician and rebuilder, and does the majority of the in-store regulation, tuning, and voicing for each piano prior to delivery.

Derek Gibson

Derek GibsonDerek Gibson is one of our recommended technicians in the Saskatoon area. He worked in our Regina store for years before relocating to Saskatoon. He has received extensive training from Roger Jolly in concert level tuning, voicing, and regulating. Derek holds a Bachelor of Music in Music Education from the University of Saskatchewan and an ARCT in piano from the Royal Conservatory of Music. He now services the pianos of many top level piano teachers and performers in Saskatoon and is also one of the technicians that services the pianos in the Department of Music at the University of Saskatchewan.

Derek was the tuner/technician for the Regina Symphony Orchestra from 1999-2009. He also worked on pianos for the Conexus Arts Centre, Briercrest Bible College, Mackenzie Art Gallery, and the Regina Jazz Society. Mr. Gibson worked on pianos for events such as the Regina Music Festival, the Saskatchewan Music Festival Association Provincial Finals, and the Royal Conservatory of Music Examinations. All of which Yamaha Piano Centre is proud to provide pianos for. He also services the pianos of many top level piano teachers and performers in Saskatoon.

Elodie Innes

Elodie InnesElodie Innes has been a teacher with the Yamaha Piano Centre's Little People children's lessons since 1991. She has specialized in teaching preschoolers for 25 years, and has been a qualified Yamaha teacher in all children's levels for 15 years. She studied with the Royal Conservatory beginning at the age of four, under the instruction of well known teachers including Boyd McDonald and Murray Adaskin. She has four children of her own and also loves spending time with her ten grandchildren. Elodie loves sharing the joy of music with young children and their families as it enriches her life as well.

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